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"We have a rescue dog who is almost a year old. He was very timid with strangers but loved dogs so we decided to try Bark2School for socialisation. The difference in him is amazing. We can't thank the team enough for making such a difference to our beautiful boys life. He loves the staff and the care they give each dog is wonderful to see. He even had a sleepover and apparently made himself right at home. Cannot recommend Bark2School highly enough.

[Janet Mitchell]

"Baxter and Brody have been going to Bark2School for just over a month now and we can't recommend it enough. We found they weren't getting enough stimulation and socialisation with other dogs due to the periods we were working, but since going to school, they are like different dogs. They come home knackered and pretty much sleep all evening, and a lot better through the night; they used to be pacing and restless but now they are out sound until we wake them up in the morning. They are learning how to behave and act better around other dogs and people and the staff genuinely care about them. They love going to school, they get so excited when Danny comes to collect them, they don't even give us a second look. The staff are great and can't do enough for you and we no longer have to worry about them when we're working as they're having a great time all day.

[Gail Maclachlan-Silk]

"Bandit has only just stared coming here after a bad experience at another Doggy daycare and I couldn't be more happy! I was hesitant to place him in another daycare but I was reassured from the start and allowed to look around where he would be staying and everyone was so well informed and eager to know Bandits need and knowing that he would also be getting a walk too was even better. Me and Patrick are so pleased we have found somewhere that suits Bandit and we know that he will be safe and well looked after. Bandit also loves it and can't wait to get in in the morning! Amazing place, couldn't recommend it enough.

[Hayley Jessie]

"Groot has been coming for a month now, before he was hard to calm down, chewing and a bit manic. Since starting, he is calm and very happy and a very well behaved dog. He will come home and sleep throughout the night, we sometimes have to wake him up to eat his dinner.

We cannot thank Ros, Danny, Dave and the team that have put the work in both at daycare and the training classes. The change in him has been monumental and we would strongly recommend this over a normal daycare as they are mentally stimulated and well cared for rather than left to run about like lunatics."

[Andrew Hume]

"I love seeing the pics of them all having fun, looks like a David has a soft spot for Bailey !! Bailey loved the attention and the cuddles x

Lovely to see the updates to see what's going on, I'm glad Bailey's learning to interact with other dogs and we feel it's an important part of her development - thankyou all so much for all you do xx

Susan Belamcanda Bailey does love going to day care! She won't believe her luck going twice this week. Thankyou for looking after her xx"

[Susan Belamcanda]

"Fraser loves his days out at Bark2School! Every time we get his 'blue bag of essentials' out he knows exactly where he's going, and gets so excited. At Bark2School he gets a healthy balance of work, rest, and play in the company of other dogs, and under the watchful eyes of Ros and her team.

In the evening, he's totally exhausted, so we know he's had an active day. Ros has decades of experience training dogs, so Fraser benefits from reinforcement of his training too.

Overall Bark2School's Doggy Day Care service gives us total peace of mind knowing he will be looked after properly and professionally instead of staying at home on his own all day."

[Amanda Nickolls]

"Amazing dog care centre with a caring skilled professional team. Our 7 month old Retriever ‘puppy' Bailey has been to puppy socialisation & obedience training with the team and now has joined the day care for 2 days a week. It said it all when we visited today and she couldn't get in the door fast enough to greet her friends and carers - what a fantastic recommendation from a dog who goes regularly & has bonded with the team!

These sessions have greatly improved Bailey's socialisation skills with both dogs and people and she is learning to be more controlled and calm - a fantastic safe and loving place for your puppies and dogs!

I cannot recommend it highly enough to warrant the care that goes into BarktoSchool's ventures x"

[Susan Belamcanda]

"Vinny has been coming here for a month now and loves it so much we have booked him in for a second day a week.

He comes home worn out from all the fun had in the day. Great facilities and carers. Thanks for taking good care of him."

[Bethan Jones]

Dog Day Care Gosport

Bark2School for dog day care Gosport. Leave your dog for the day at our dog creche in Gosport. Dog sitting Gosport.

Dog Day Care Gosport
Dog Day Care Gosport

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